2kg Soap Nuts Shell with free shipping

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2kg Soap Nuts Shell with free shipping

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Note: It is 4KG pure soap nuts shell having no seeds. Seeds that add weight have no value.

Healthy choice Happy family.

Laundry washing shell

This is 100% natural Soapnuts shell , with 0% additive! Perfect for pregnant women and baby !
1kg Soapnuts shell will wash up to 368 loads of laundry. Place 5 Soapnuts shell in the mini cotton bag, tie the bag closed and throw it into the drum of your machine. Use this batch of soap nuts for 4 or 5 loads of laundry or until the soapnuts are mushy and greyish. If possible, let soapnuts dry in between loads.

A healthy choice for mothers, 100% natural for peace of mind !

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